What if clothes could grow with your child?

You know the problem: Your child is not even four months old and he’s already outgrown two rounds of clothing sizes - it’s expensive and a massive waste of resources. VIGGA wants to change that.

Danish VIGGA.us is the founder of a award-winning business model for a circular economy in the textile industry. VIGGA is a maternity and kid's wear brand designed for a circular economy, because pregnancy bellies as well as kids grow and clothes don't. The VIGGA™ product-service-system enables parents to lease organic maternity and children's wear. Saves time, money and resources.

Watch VIGGA on BBC World Hacks: The woman who wants you to rent used baby clothes


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Accolades and other

Today it is been over two years since we delivered the very first VIGGA bags, and together with our first customers we have already celebrated our two-year birthday. Although two years on the market is not much our lives have already offered major events.

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