Order VIGGA™ baby or maternity wear

Would you like to have an organic VIGGA™ wardrobe for you baby or growing belly? 

There is a beta version for VIGGA™ in Europe. You will receive a VIGGA package full of organic baby or maternity wear, for a monthly subscription fee.

VIGGA™ clothes grow with your belly or child

You know the problem: Your child is not even 4 months old and has already outgrown 2 rounds of clothing sizes. Babywear is expensive and a massive waste of resources.

VIGGA™ wants to change that!

Danish VIGGA.us is the founder of a award-winning business model for a circular economy in the textile industry. VIGGA™ is a maternity and kids wear brand. The VIGGA™ product-service-system enables parents to lease organic maternity and childrenswear.

VIGGA™ saves time, money and resources.

Join VIGGA™ Europe

We have now opened up our VIGGA shop outside of Denmark! You can order VIGGA clothes and have your soft, organic children's or maternity wear delivered in Europe and Scandinavia*.

We are looking forward to welcome you as a member of the VIGGA family 💚

How to order VIGGA™ Europe

  1. Pick your favorite Maternity or Baby clothes in the VIGGA shop
  2. The subscription price for European customers is the same as in Denmark. We charge in euro's. Contact kundeservice@vigga.us for exact shipping costs. 
  3. Select a Danish package shop for delivery - we will change it into your address afterwards.
  4. Add your credit card information. We will not withdraw before the clothing is shipped.
  5. Enjoy your package of soft organic clothing. You pay per month and can keep the clothes as long as you want.
  6. Return the package of clothing once you or your baby have outgrown the clothes. You can make a new selection in a larger size, which we will ship to you.


  • Below are examples of shipping costs in Europe*. These can vary according to weight. 
  • We ship on Fridays. We have a delivery time frame of 1-4 days. 
  • Please note that international VIGGA families pay for return of the clothes, and that international shipping may vary from the Danish shipping costs. 
Austria €11
Belgium €9
Germany €9
Great Britain €15
Italy €15
Sweden - please read more here €12
The Netherlands €9


*Due to shipping costs and CO2 emissions, we do not ship outside Europe for now. 


Please contact kundeservice@vigga.us for information regarding VIGGA Europe and the shipping process.

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